Yutaka is Associate Professor at Kyoto University, Graduate School of Management. Prior to joining GSM in September 2010, he was a researcher at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), a Xerox Company. He obtained Masters and Bachelors degrees in Computer Science from Kyoto University and Ph.D. in Management from UCLA Anderson School.

経営管理大学院准教授。1998年京都大学工学部情報工学卒業、2000年京都大学情報学修士、2006年UCLA Anderson Schoolにて経営学博士(Ph.D. in Management)。Palo Alto Research Center, Inc., a Xerox Companyにて研究員を経て、京都大学経営管理大学院講師を経て、2015年4月より現職。

Yutaka is on sabbatical. He is staying at Institute on Asian Consumer Insight, Nanyang Technological University, between January and March. He has been at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School between August and November, 2016.

サバティカルを取得しています。2017年1月から2月までシンガポールの南洋理工大学Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI)に滞在しています。昨年は8月から11月までデンマークのコペンハーゲンビジネススクールのDepartment of Management, Politics and Philosophyに滞在しました。


Yutaka’s current research focuses on culture of services—how services represent a culture to construct and negotiate value. Methodologically, he analyzes customer interactions in service encounter, drawing on ethnomethodology. Based on this research, he develops theory and methodology for designing culture. Please watch his TEDx talk for the general idea.


Yutaka currently teaches ethnography to MBA students as a method to understand, improve and design services. He is also active in Kyoto University Design School, where he teaches organization and community design and service design as well as design ethnography.
Email: yamauchi [a] gsm.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Phone: +81 75-753-3536
Kyoto University Graduate School of Management
Yoshida Honmachi Sakyo-ku
Kyoto 606-8501 JAPAN
Web: https://www.yamauchi.net