Yutaka Yamauchi


Inter-Cultural Communication

Graduate School of Management 2018 Spring (tentative; subject to change)

Wednesday 10:30-12:00 Location: TBD

Yutaka Yamauchi
Graduate School of Management Research Bldg #2 3rd floor east side

Daniel Hjorth
Professor, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University

TA: Nao Sato / sato.nao.57a@kyoto-u.jp


This course focuses on inter-cultural issues in the context of service and hospitality. This course takes a critical perspective; students should expect to learn how to consider culture and cultural encounters from various theoretical perspectives rather than practical skills and knowledge as to how to conduct inter-cultural communication. This course consists of two parts. First, students will have taken a MOOC (massively open online course) called Culture of Services and meet in class to discuss the material. Second, we will have Professor Daniel Hjorth to cover more advanced topics on cultural and inter-cultural issues.

Note that there are multiple times listed in Syllabus: Wednesdays 2nd, 3rd, and 4th segments. The class is usually held in the 2nd (10:30-12:00) and Professor Hjorth will teach in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th segments on June 6 and 13.

Note also that because students are required to take MOOC in advance and the MOOC takes up to 32 hours in total, we need to free five sessions, adding all hours to 90.

Course website

All the materials will be uploaded to PandA. https://panda.ecs.kyoto-u.ac.jp/portal

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  • April 11 Session 1: Introduction
  • April 18 No class (MOOC day)
  • April 25 Session 2: The definition of service and existing theories of service
  • May 2 No class (MOOC day)
  • May 9 Session 3: Hospitality
  • May 16 No class (MOOC day)
  • May 23 Session 4: Aesthetic
  • May 30 No class (MOOC day)
  • June 6 - Session 5 - 2.5 sessions (Professor Hjorth)
  • June 13 - Session 6 - Topic TBA
  • June 27 Session 7: Dialectic of service
  • July 4 No class (MOOC day)
  • July 11 Session 8: Service design
  • July 18 No class (MOOC day)


There is no specific textbook.




MOOC 30% Participation 40% Reports 30%

Course website


Entrol here with your email address so that I can reach you prior to registration.

Course materials

Each student needs to download materials directly from PandA.

Reading assignments

Students must have read the materials prior to the class.

Office hours

Find an open timeslot in the following calendar and email me to make an appointment. https://yamauchi.net/officehour


Session 1: Introduction

Session 2: The definition of service and existing theories of service

MOOC Week 1, 2 and 3

Additional reading assignments:

Session 3: Hospitality

MOOC Week 5

Additional reading assignments:


Session 4: Aesthetic

MOOC Week 6

Additional reading assignments:
  • Holt, D. B. (1998). Does Cultural Capital Structure American Consumption? Journal of Consumer Research, 25(1), 1–25.

Session 5: 2.5 sessions (Professor Hjorth)

Session 6 (10:30-12:00 only): Topic TBA

Session 7: Dialectic of service

MOOC Week 7

Additional reading assignments:
  • Yamauchi, Y. (2018) Service as Intersubjective Struggle, in Service Science Handbook Vol 2.

Session 8: Service design

MOOC Week 8

Additional reading assignments:
  • TBD