Yutaka Yamauchi

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MOOC: Culture of Services: Paradox of Customer Relations

edX (KyotoUx 008x)

This is a new MOOC, updated and extended based on the previous one (KyotoUx 002x). So even if you have taken the previous one, this new MOOC should offer you new insights. Major changes include:
  • Overall, the lecture quality has improved dramatically. Lecture videos are well organized and I now speak more clearly...
  • We included an introduction to existing theories of services such as customer satisfaction, service quality, GAP model and service-dominant logic. Against this backdrop, this course will develop its own perspective.
  • We extended the discussion of hospitality beyond the original thesis of Derrida. Hospitality is now an important concept with the growing tourism industry and the new sharing economy, i.e., AirBnB.
  • We also extended the material on Bourdieu, not only his original theory but also later developments, e.g., taste in the post-modern society.
  • We make the material on dialectic more accessible.
  • We added the cultural perspective to service design. Now we discuss human de-centered design using examples like McDonald’s.

* MOOC=Massive Open Online Course: You can take this course free of charge anywhere in the world (you have an option to pay to obtain the certificate).


大学院経済学研究科 後期
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デザインスクール 共通科目
経営管理大学院MBA(専門職学位課程) 実務科目 前期
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経済学部 専門科目II 前期


経営管理大学院MBA(専門職学位課程) 基礎科目 前期

サービス創出方法論 (デザインエスノグラフィ)

経営管理大学院MBA(専門職学位課程) 専門科目 後期


経営管理大学院Ph.D.(経営科学専攻) 後期集中




経済学部 通年

Inter-Cultural Communication

Graduate School of Management MBA Program, Spring Semester
(funded by Integrated Hospitality)